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? Audited financial statements for companies supervised and not supervised by the Central Bank of Uruguay
? Audit Management
? Review of administrative processes and internal control system
? Reports Limited Review of Financial Statements
? Procedures for auditing and reporting previously agreed to testify
? Audit of acquisitions
? Audit fraud prevention

Chicurel CONSULTING AND AUDIT - GROUP ADADE is registered in the Registry of External Auditors of the BCU at No. 34 and case No. 2007/1368, 7032 folder institution.
Our work is based on the specific care needs of the client through a personalized, so always the best method of performing the audit in accordance with the specifications and characteristics of the company and the customer is evaluated. It also seeks to achieve a thorough understanding of business that allows us to understand its operational performance and identify areas of risk and the direct impact that could result in the issue of the economic - financial.
The audit planning is reflected through work programs that include procedures to be applied to it. This allows all members of the organization take it as a guide for carrying out the work.
Once the work started, follow the development of the planning is done to see if they are meeting the objectives and make changes, if necessary, to the initial programming.
Auxiliary auditors conduct fieldwork in the formulation and preparation of the working papers of the audited companies. The audit manager performs systematic control of working papers together with the representative of the audit finally for reviewing all work done.
The technical personnel specifically in reference to auditing is represented entirely by professionals, thus providing a differentiation since not working with students but professionals received.
Regarding the position of independence should be noted that Chicurel CONSULTING AND AUDIT - GROUP ADADE not participate in audits which take some active dependency relationship with the client or economic group, whether professional, commercial or familial form.
Independence requirements reach all members of our firm as it is of the utmost importance to us that users of the audit confident that our freedom of speech will not be compromised for any reason. That is why, before beginning work, the staff see the list of companies that are clients of Chicurel CONSULTING AND AUDIT - GROUP ADADE to verify that they are meeting the independence criteria. It also reports the same to all new staff entering the firm. Periodically assessing the situation with customers to check that the policy continues to maintain independence.
Moreover it has confidentiality given by professional secrecy because the team members are Certified Public Accountants audit thus taking his ethics and professional responsibility.


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